TrueChoice Transitions

It’s all about choice


TrueChoice™ Transitions offers you a broad range of options across the entire engine lifecycle, including green time leases, exchanges, material buy-back, and custom workscopes with shorter builds and maximum used material, as well as products for lessors that can accommodate a change in owner or operator.

We understand that not all operators fly with newer engines and that many have fleets with a range of ages or only operate older assets. We are committed to supporting your engines from entry into service all the way to the end of operational life.

We are uniquely positioned to help you realize the maximum value – along with the desired performance – from your engines, and to facilitate transitions as your fleet evolves.

Looking around corners

Whether you’re looking for a single shop visit, alternatives to doing a shop visit, or a more comprehensive offering, with GE’s TrueChoice Transitions offerings, you’re assured highly tailored workscopes and maintenance actions with material options specifically designed for shorter-term ownership horizons – resulting in lower total cost of ownership/operations.

General Electric

TrueChoice Transitions offerings include

  • Time & Material (T&M) overhauls or rate per flight hour programs
  • Custom workscopes – shorter builds, maximum used serviceable material levels, life-limited parts buyback
  • Traditional and Green Time engine leases
  • Engine and module exchanges
  • Sale/lease back
  • Consignment and part-out services
  • Lessor products specifically designed to accommodate a change in owner or operator
  • Specialized services to economically meet lease return condition requirements

General Electric

To discover all the advantages of our TrueChoice Material offerings, contact GE Aerospace Fleet Support or our TrueChoice team at [email protected].