GE’s T408 Turboshaft Engine

T408 Turboshaft Engine

GE’s latest turboshaft engine, developed for heavy lift applications, is now demonstrating game-changing power.

Ready to Serve

Qualified and in service today, this 7,500-shaft horsepower (shp) class turboshaft engine offers maximum power with its cutting-edge technologies and modern design innovations. The T408 was designed to deliver unsurpassed mission capability for a variety of rotorcraft, tiltrotor, and turboshaft applications with a rugged, simple, and easily maintainable design.

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GE’s T408 engine

The T408-GE-400 is a powerful and technologically advanced engine powering the three-engine Marine Corps’ CH-53K King Stallion heavy-lift helicopter. Delivering 7,500 shp per engine, its unparalleled reliability meets warfighters’ heavy-lift requirements.

tf408 engine

T408 delivers performance

Measuring up

When compared to its predecessor – GE's T64 turboshaft engine powering the CH-53E Super Stallion aircraft – the T408 provides transformational performance improvements. To date, the T408 has logged more than 11,000 hours of ground and flight test in support of a variety of Department of Defense (DoD) programs.


More Power


Better specific fuel consumption


Fewer Parts


Reliable Fix-Forward Design

Impressive power for today’s demanding missions

External Payload

The T408 gives the CH-53K helicopter the power to carry a 27,000-pound external load over a mission radius of 110 nautical miles in hot weather conditions. That’s nearly triple the external load carrying capacity of the current CH-53E Super Stallion aircraft.

Proven technology

The T408 combines breakthrough technologies, innovative cooling schemes, and modern-day durability to deliver numerous mission-critical advantages in the world’s harshest operating environments.

GE’s T408 is equipped with Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) with prognostics and health management to improve performance and reduce maintenance cost.

Engine-mounted FADEC with prognostics and health management to improve performance and reduce maintenance cost

    Modular engine with sealed oil sumps and accessible gearbox for ease of field maintenance

      Rugged compressor with split casing and erosion coating to increase time-on-wing

        Robust, efficient combustor designed for reliability

          Modern turbine aerodynamics, materials and cooling schemes for durability and efficiency

            t408 engine vertical

            Low operating & support costs

            • Long-life parts reduce the need to replace high-dollar parts at overhaul
            • Reliable components improve time-on-wing
            • Low fuel consumption delivers significant savings over the life of the engine
            • On-condition maintenance
            • Logistics infrastructure is already established with the U.S. Navy
            t408 low costs

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